Thursday, August 6, 2009

Surprise Revealed: Complete with Secret Promotion!

Well I was planning on waiting until September to reveal some of our new designs but I just couldn't wait any longer. They are up and live in my etsy shop!

We have some gorgeous designs that still are not on our site, so keep checking back... The best part of all this is that we have been able to find some new suppliers that allow us to offer these products at a significantly lower price.

$7.50 (plus shipping) for any of our original wood waterproof pendants. We have been creating these pendants longer than any other seller on etsy and have perfected the process.

Unlike a lot of other users on Etsy, we do NOT use Diamond Glaze on any of our designs. We use a sealant that is waterproof and durable (unlike Diamond Glaze). Our pendants and accessories are intended to last a lifetime. So with these new products you can expect the same durability that our silver spoon and reflection lines carry.

And, of course, all of our pendants and accessories come gift wrapped. We believe in making each and every one of our customers feel special everytime you order. Whether this is a gift for a friend or for yourself--we want to make sure you get the perfect gift.

And, remember, this is just a SMALL part of the new and exciting things happening here at CRH. Stay tuned. :)




Pretty Things said...

Oh I LOVE the belt idea! I'm losing weight (lost 10 so far, more to go) so that goes on my list of "pound prezzies". You know -- hit this milestone, I get a present. Makes things much more bearable!

Caught RED Handed said...

Congrats on the weight loss!!!! I am 30 weeks pregnant right now (I need to post pics I know) so I can't wait to have this baby and join you:)