Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Self-Employed BUMMER: The Disadvantages

A Little Disappointment. . .
After quiting my teaching job and going full time as an artist/jewelry designer I could not have been happier. These last two months have been so liberating and I have really enjoyed my time developing a completed accessory line. I never thought I would find such a fulfilling career that I could sink my whole heart into.
My husband often tells me I am a little nostalgic. Well that outlook really took me to a discouraging place this week. My husband just got this fantastic new job and my accessory line has been doing well so we decided to take the plunge and get our first house. Hey--even the Swiss Family Robinson's get a tree house (that's where the picture comes in)--surely we can find one right?
In the world of self-employed artists and husbands who make more in commission than salary, houses are not granted. Uncle Sam does not think this is the right time to purchase a house you see--my earning do not count until I have a two year track record. To say the least I was disappointed but I am not giving up yet. Right now our little apartment will just have to be home:)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Going GREEN!

CRH going GREEN!

We have been brainstorming different ways to GO GREEN here at CRH for some time and are now in the stages of implementing these ideas. Purchasing reclaimed game pieces is just not enough; overall we felt we were not doing enough to protect our planet and to really become a GREEN company.

As we grow and expand on the jewelry and accessory scene, it is important to us to remain true to our ultimate vision and protecting the environment is a huge part of that process. We have a 4 part plan in making CRH a truly GREEN company. If you can think of anything that will help our efforts or that we have neglected to mention--PLEASE post in the comments below!

1). Use reclaimed, recycled, or environmentally safe materials.

2). Reduce energy costs in our studio and overall production

3). Produce less overall waste

4). Promote GREEN living

So far we have found a sealant that is comparable to what we use, that is environmentally safe, while still being sturdy as well as waterproof. We have found a company that uses recycled materials in their packaging products so that we are not being wasteful in our little extras we have become known for here at CRH. We have reworked our schedules to use all natural light in our studio to cut down on energy use and here on our BLOG we are promoting and doing a series on GOING GREEN in your daily life.

This is just a start--just the beginning but we feel it is a good start. We are excited about a few other ideas we are developing but for now we feel we are on our way to becoming a truly GREEN company!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Blues

Monday seems to be my busiest day of the week. Running around, trying to get all my orders together and shipped from the weekend while getting back in the daily "work" routine--it's 11:15 pm and I am just sitting down for the night! Between my brothers birthday today and my husbands this weekend--I am glad to just have a moment to breath.

Well I have a few surprises up my sleeve for this coming week. I am working hard on getting them up for a sneak preview before the end of the week but no promises;) Until then--I have a little secret sale to tide you over:)

Secret Sale
Order ANY pendant from my Silver Spoon collection, Silver Spoon XL collection, or our Reflections collection and receive a free silver plated chain for FREE. Each customer will receive one chain per order. Here is a link to the sections in our shop.

During checkout put the following note in the message to seller box: BLOG reader! Please include one free sterling plated necklace please.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Reflections Collection: Update and Secret Sale!


We have just finished adding 10 new pendants to our Reflections Collection. The Reflections pendants are our high-end collection completed in sterling silver and packaged beautifully. This is my favorite collection that we have done. It is elegant and stunning! Here is a link to the entire collection:

Secret Sale

Of course we can not introduce new pendants without giving our BLOG readers a secret sale option. From Thursday July 17 through Sunday July 20, we will include one free sterling silver plated chain FREE of charge. Just include the following message in the message to the seller box during checkout: BLOG READER--please include one free sterling plated chain please! Happy Shopping!
**One chain per customer.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Monday Madness: This Weeks Secret Sales and Updates!


This week we will be introducing a few new options to our shop. We have added sterling silver and silver plated link chains to our shop to compliment our new silver line of pendants. The link style of the necklace is stunning and is clasped with a LARGE lobster claw clasp and hook(I am not a fan of fidgeting forever with the clasp on a necklace!). We thought this would be the perfect finishing touch to our new line. Just like our ribbon necklaces and belt buckles, we will be listing these at just above cost to our customers.
We will also be adding to our Sterling Silver pendants--the Reflection Collection. We started with just 3 pendants and hope to add another 10 or so this week. We will make sure to post a Sneak Preview complete with a secret sale for all of our faithful blog readers just before they go up in our shop so check back often.

Secret Sale:
Purchase any of our Bhindi pendants in the Silver Spoon Collection and receive a free Classic Square pendant. This sale will not be up for long! To claim your free pendant, leave a note to the seller during check out that states: "BLOG READER~ I would like the _____________ classic square pendant please" Happy Monday!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Secret Seconds Sale Continues!

Secret Seconds Sale Continues!
Don't forget about our promotion going on for our Secret Seconds Aprons! We just posted a new flirty apron titled "Mood Swing." Any apron purchase entitles you to a free classic square, oval or teardrop pendant.
Happy Shopping!
Amy, Willow, and Mary-Beth

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Secret Sale Tuesday!

Secret Sale Tuesday!

Last evening I decided it would be fun to do a midweek, one day sale for my blog readers! Anyone who purchases the Luna pendant (on the left), or the Mr. Squirrel Pendant (on the right) will receive a FREE Autumn Sun pendant.

These two pendants are favorites from my new line and I really wanted to promote them. Autumn Sun is a favorite in my Classic Square collection and make the perfect addition to this sweet mid-week sale!

Don't forget about our Secret Seconds' Apron promotion running this week as well--we are just full of surprises! As always--Happy Shopping

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Introducing--Secrect Seconds! Complete with Secret Sale!

NEW: Introducing Secret Seconds Aprons!

Well we finally got them up in our shop--2 so far with more on the way. We were held up on a name for the apron line but settled on Secret Seconds. I guess it would not be a CRH line if the name did not carry a story right?

Well--my husband and I were celebrating his BIG job promotion and we invited Willow and her husband over for celebration cake. James (my hubby) finally disclosed to me--after years of swearing he did not like sweets and making me eat them all by myself--that he LOVES cookie cake. Well what else is a wife to do but get him some cookie cake--right?!

So, we purchased two 8" cookie cakes and I decided to hide the second one for James to eat for celebration breakfast the next morning. Surely 1 cookie cake is enough for 4 people. . .

It wasn't long before Willow's husband was knee deep along side my husband in cookie. Both were making incredibly loud growling noises as they devoured the cake. The 4 pair of eyes just stared up at me with the look of "no more"? Well, with a sweet little smile and the pull of my apron strings I said "Don't worry boys--I have secret seconds." The eyes on those two men were as large as golf balls as they inilate the second cookie cake.

So ladies the moral of the story is two-fold. One--men love cookie cake! Have a secret second just in case. Two--have a flirtatious Secret Seconds Apron on to protect you from the spraying chocolate and cookie crumbs!

Secret SALE!

We like to give our blog readers special promotions whenever we can. This WEEK we are offering a FREE classic square, oval, or tear drop pendant with ANY APRON PURCHASE! Please. just leave a note to the seller during checkout that says:
"Blog reader--I would like the __________ classic __(square, oval or teardrop)___ pendant please"

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Summer Line: The Silver Spoon Collection

New Summer Line: Ta Da!

It's finally finished! Six months of planning, designing, searching, bidding, dreaming, editing and now here they are! Each pendant is a ONE-OF-A-KIND design only seen here at CRH. Cori Dantini ( ) has perfected each illustration. As promised you are seeing them here on our blog first. They will launch on our site later this afternoon--keep reading for one of our famous sales and giveaways!Now, let me introduce you to the gang.

Vintage Fruit (and some veggies):
In this collection we have our psychedelic mushrooms, vintage apple, and retro pear to go right along with our apple buckle that has already launched last week.

The Floral Collection:
The next collection is our Floral with vivid and contrasting color splashes in each pendant. Each flower pendant is unique and delicate. This collection also includes the Luna belt buckle as well as one of our Silver Spoon XL pendants.

The Bhindi Collection:
I really have fallen in love with these pendants. The intricate designs and vibrant colors are incredible. Each Bhindi pendant is unique in color and design. The Bhindi collection also includes a belt buckle that launched last Friday.

The Animal Collection:
This is hands down my favorite. How can you pass up that adorable squirrel? Cori outdid herself on this collection--how cute! Ms. Puss, Mr. Squirrel, Ms. Blue Bird, and Mr. and Mrs. Butterfly are in need of a home--how could you pass these little guys up?

The Silver Spoon XL Collection:
For all you chunky jewelry fans--these are the pendants for you! Some of these designs are only available in the XL size but ALL of are designs are available in our XL size. We will make this option available for you in our shop. These pendant measure just under 2 inches--the perfect eye catching piece of jewelry to add to your wardrobe.
Each one of our pendants is sealed with an industrial sealant--we do NOT use Diamond Glaze on any of our pendants like other sellers here on etsy. Diamond Glaze is not durable nor waterproof. We use an industrial strength sealant that is durable and water proof. The entire pendant is covered in this sealant and the process takes around 5 days to complete. Our pendants are intended to last a lifetime.
**SALE** Purchase any of our new pendants through FRIDAY JULY 4th and receive a Classic square pendant for FREE. During check out leave the following note:
"Blog reader--I would like the __________ classic square pendant please"
**Giveaway** Now for the fun part! Post a comment here on this thread identifying which pendant you like the best from our NEW line. We will randomly choose a winner and send you your favorite! Make sure to include your contact information in your comment or you will be disqualified. As always--Happy Shopping!