Sunday, July 13, 2008

Monday Madness: This Weeks Secret Sales and Updates!


This week we will be introducing a few new options to our shop. We have added sterling silver and silver plated link chains to our shop to compliment our new silver line of pendants. The link style of the necklace is stunning and is clasped with a LARGE lobster claw clasp and hook(I am not a fan of fidgeting forever with the clasp on a necklace!). We thought this would be the perfect finishing touch to our new line. Just like our ribbon necklaces and belt buckles, we will be listing these at just above cost to our customers.
We will also be adding to our Sterling Silver pendants--the Reflection Collection. We started with just 3 pendants and hope to add another 10 or so this week. We will make sure to post a Sneak Preview complete with a secret sale for all of our faithful blog readers just before they go up in our shop so check back often.

Secret Sale:
Purchase any of our Bhindi pendants in the Silver Spoon Collection and receive a free Classic Square pendant. This sale will not be up for long! To claim your free pendant, leave a note to the seller during check out that states: "BLOG READER~ I would like the _____________ classic square pendant please" Happy Monday!


Sarah said...

beautiful things. i missed the sale but i'll be back :)

mostly maple said...

i love all your pieces! i'm so glad i found the shop. i'm looking forward to the custom designed pendants you are making for my bridesmaids!!!! i'll definitely stayed tuned to your blog & tell my friends. thx again.