Saturday, July 26, 2008

Going GREEN!

CRH going GREEN!

We have been brainstorming different ways to GO GREEN here at CRH for some time and are now in the stages of implementing these ideas. Purchasing reclaimed game pieces is just not enough; overall we felt we were not doing enough to protect our planet and to really become a GREEN company.

As we grow and expand on the jewelry and accessory scene, it is important to us to remain true to our ultimate vision and protecting the environment is a huge part of that process. We have a 4 part plan in making CRH a truly GREEN company. If you can think of anything that will help our efforts or that we have neglected to mention--PLEASE post in the comments below!

1). Use reclaimed, recycled, or environmentally safe materials.

2). Reduce energy costs in our studio and overall production

3). Produce less overall waste

4). Promote GREEN living

So far we have found a sealant that is comparable to what we use, that is environmentally safe, while still being sturdy as well as waterproof. We have found a company that uses recycled materials in their packaging products so that we are not being wasteful in our little extras we have become known for here at CRH. We have reworked our schedules to use all natural light in our studio to cut down on energy use and here on our BLOG we are promoting and doing a series on GOING GREEN in your daily life.

This is just a start--just the beginning but we feel it is a good start. We are excited about a few other ideas we are developing but for now we feel we are on our way to becoming a truly GREEN company!

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Art By MAR said...

Good for you on making such efforts to go green. I try to do the same in all areas of my life too. Your pendants are gorgeous!