Sunday, July 6, 2008

Introducing--Secrect Seconds! Complete with Secret Sale!

NEW: Introducing Secret Seconds Aprons!

Well we finally got them up in our shop--2 so far with more on the way. We were held up on a name for the apron line but settled on Secret Seconds. I guess it would not be a CRH line if the name did not carry a story right?

Well--my husband and I were celebrating his BIG job promotion and we invited Willow and her husband over for celebration cake. James (my hubby) finally disclosed to me--after years of swearing he did not like sweets and making me eat them all by myself--that he LOVES cookie cake. Well what else is a wife to do but get him some cookie cake--right?!

So, we purchased two 8" cookie cakes and I decided to hide the second one for James to eat for celebration breakfast the next morning. Surely 1 cookie cake is enough for 4 people. . .

It wasn't long before Willow's husband was knee deep along side my husband in cookie. Both were making incredibly loud growling noises as they devoured the cake. The 4 pair of eyes just stared up at me with the look of "no more"? Well, with a sweet little smile and the pull of my apron strings I said "Don't worry boys--I have secret seconds." The eyes on those two men were as large as golf balls as they inilate the second cookie cake.

So ladies the moral of the story is two-fold. One--men love cookie cake! Have a secret second just in case. Two--have a flirtatious Secret Seconds Apron on to protect you from the spraying chocolate and cookie crumbs!

Secret SALE!

We like to give our blog readers special promotions whenever we can. This WEEK we are offering a FREE classic square, oval, or tear drop pendant with ANY APRON PURCHASE! Please. just leave a note to the seller during checkout that says:
"Blog reader--I would like the __________ classic __(square, oval or teardrop)___ pendant please"


Meredith said...

That is such a cute story! I love the apron; it is adorable!!!! Congrats to your hubby on the promotion!


Caught RED Handed said...

Thanks Meredith:) I wish I had thought ahead and taken pictures of their faces! Really funny!

Julia Mangan said...

I just finished looking at all your stuff today and I love it all! Then I came to your blog and loved the story of how you came up with the apron name!

Caught RED Handed said...

JULIE!! I am so glad you came to look:) That story sounds like Chris and Jim doesn't it! LOL

Julia Mangan said...


Ondria said...

Hey! this stuff is sooo cute! I am a friend of your sis-in-law's and came to check out her stuff and the site! WAY FUN! Looking forward to future potential purchases!! :)

Ondria said...

i was actually going to say that i'm a friend of willow's, but i wasn't sure if i was correct on that! anyway - fun stuff! :)