Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Summer Line: The Silver Spoon Collection

New Summer Line: Ta Da!

It's finally finished! Six months of planning, designing, searching, bidding, dreaming, editing and now here they are! Each pendant is a ONE-OF-A-KIND design only seen here at CRH. Cori Dantini ( ) has perfected each illustration. As promised you are seeing them here on our blog first. They will launch on our site later this afternoon--keep reading for one of our famous sales and giveaways!Now, let me introduce you to the gang.

Vintage Fruit (and some veggies):
In this collection we have our psychedelic mushrooms, vintage apple, and retro pear to go right along with our apple buckle that has already launched last week.

The Floral Collection:
The next collection is our Floral with vivid and contrasting color splashes in each pendant. Each flower pendant is unique and delicate. This collection also includes the Luna belt buckle as well as one of our Silver Spoon XL pendants.

The Bhindi Collection:
I really have fallen in love with these pendants. The intricate designs and vibrant colors are incredible. Each Bhindi pendant is unique in color and design. The Bhindi collection also includes a belt buckle that launched last Friday.

The Animal Collection:
This is hands down my favorite. How can you pass up that adorable squirrel? Cori outdid herself on this collection--how cute! Ms. Puss, Mr. Squirrel, Ms. Blue Bird, and Mr. and Mrs. Butterfly are in need of a home--how could you pass these little guys up?

The Silver Spoon XL Collection:
For all you chunky jewelry fans--these are the pendants for you! Some of these designs are only available in the XL size but ALL of are designs are available in our XL size. We will make this option available for you in our shop. These pendant measure just under 2 inches--the perfect eye catching piece of jewelry to add to your wardrobe.
Each one of our pendants is sealed with an industrial sealant--we do NOT use Diamond Glaze on any of our pendants like other sellers here on etsy. Diamond Glaze is not durable nor waterproof. We use an industrial strength sealant that is durable and water proof. The entire pendant is covered in this sealant and the process takes around 5 days to complete. Our pendants are intended to last a lifetime.
**SALE** Purchase any of our new pendants through FRIDAY JULY 4th and receive a Classic square pendant for FREE. During check out leave the following note:
"Blog reader--I would like the __________ classic square pendant please"
**Giveaway** Now for the fun part! Post a comment here on this thread identifying which pendant you like the best from our NEW line. We will randomly choose a winner and send you your favorite! Make sure to include your contact information in your comment or you will be disqualified. As always--Happy Shopping!


quitecontrary1977 said...

i would like the dandelion classic square pendant!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, these are beautiful! I just saw them on etsy and immediately came to the blog to see what the story and secret sale was all about it (although I feel like I have been teased this way with a variety of new things for the past month, it is still fun!): In any case, I want the whispering flower one. You betcha. (Mumukat)

kamewh said...

I love the blue one in the The Bhindi Collection! So pretty!

rachel said...

I really like the butterfly one! They are all very awesome! Hope to win!

Rhonda Mason said...

What beautiful work! I love the psychedelic mushrooms!! Thanks for the contest!

Heather said...

Ms. BlueBird is my fave -- adorable!! Thanks for the opportunity!

Kez71 said...

I adore the animal collection..especially Ms Puss..i loves kitties..I do like the bluebird too..but kitty is my fave!!
thanks so much for having a contest..i don't expect to im off to buy one..or LOL!!

Meredith said...

I really love the Mrs. Butterfly pendant. I even added a TON of the pendants to my favorites on my Etsy!


Maria said...

I love, love, love the bluebird square pendant.

Kudos on the new line.

Contact info: Maria at

hondaray6 said...

I received your email that I won and replied to it! Thanks so much, I can't wait to get my shrooms! LOL I'm adding you to my blog at

Electra said...

I missed the contest- but had to say hello! I run into your husband almost weekly at the post office and we are both mailing our precious, fun, packages. I LOVE your new line and your belts. I have told him that when I get caught up, I'd love to have a "craft-playdate" with you! You can come over and make monograms, and maybe I can come over and make a necklace or beltbuckle...I'll email you. Be well! Electra

blueviolet said...

This one caught my eye and I just love it!
NEW--The Reflections Collection. Floral in Navy. A sterling Pendant
You do amazing work! I also love the bindi designs and the little birdie one.