Friday, March 12, 2010

Baby. Eats. World.

I am an excessive planner--I guess it is just part of who I am. When you walk into my kitchen you will see my meal schedule and menu typed and hanging on the fridge, you will see Sebastian's eat-play-sleep schedule, my cleaning schedule, and my to-do list all neatly organized.

Some of my close friends and family call me OCD for my excessive need to plan things out. At times, I might agree with them but I am quickly learning that Sebastian does not always fit into "my" plans.

This has been a huge struggle for me since I am not a fan of surprises and I hate when I do not accomplish everything scheduled for the day. So in this daily battle I am fighting the first thing that has gone is my "create" time. Creating has truly become a luxury. I have a few drawings finished for my Spring collection, and a few penciled out ideas for a new line but that is it. Sigh.

When you live off of your art you MUST create art. Simple idea right? I guess I did not plan for this little boy to run away with my time and my heart. I am quickly learning how to adapt to this new life I have adopted. Somewhere, somehow I am going to have to fit my art back into my schedule--right now I seem to be stuck on the "how" because my baby has eaten my world. . .


~cori said...

you will come to worship "nap time". and hopefully sebastian will take good ones. for 4 years my entire work schedule revolved around henry's naps, and they were 45 minutes tops. needless to say i worked at night. here is hoping for 3 hour naps! OOx c.

~cori said...

nice belt buckles by the way!!!

Quilly Nilly said...

I agree with Cori, naps are heavenly; and I'm fortunate that my daughter takes 3 hour naps, so weekends are when I get a lot done. During the week not so much, I work during the day and can't do anything until my little one is in bed, she's crazy when she sees all my papers; so I try to do a little bit in the evenings as well; needless to say I don't get enough sleep but I know in a year it should be better. Hang in there, I can't wait to see your new lines; I love your stuff and just recently purchased my first pendant and will definitely be getting one of your rings in the near future. Have a great weekend.