Monday, March 1, 2010

Wishing Life Away

I have often found myself wishing certain parts of my life to move along just a little faster. We have all had those moments of wishing. When I was a kid I just simply wished for Christmas or summer vacation or even more importantly to be ungrounded for once. I was such a bad kid--I can only imagine what my mom was wishing!

That eventually turned into wishing for my driver's licence and maybe, by a miracle, a first car. Before I knew it I wished myself all the way to married, 28, one kid, and my own business. Sounds pretty good right? Well at the risk of sounding like a grandma--I think I wished my life away.

I remember back to when I was dating Jim; I just could not wait until I was engaged and when I was engaged I could not wait to be married. I remember just wishing months and weeks away so I could get to the next step. Always pushing for the next step and looking back now, I did not stop to enjoy the journey. Dating and falling in love was a fairytale. The engagement was amazing as we planned for our futures together, and marriage has been incredible as we watch our plans unfold. All of these things I lived but in the process of wishing I think I may have actually missed them.

At the wise and ripe ol' age of 28 I find myself playing the same old games. I am sure it is no surprise to any of you that I was wishing myself out of pregnancy as fast and hard as I could possibly wish and into a stage where sleep was an option again. Here I am at 28 years old, and after doing the math, I have only truly lived 18 months of my life.

These thoughts have been festering for awhile but today the wishing well is dried up. That is it. No more wishing for the weekend or wishing for Sebastian to take a nap or wishing for this ridiculous workout to be over with. Today, I am done wishing and instead I am going to start living. . .

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