Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mommy Lifesavers--Product Reviews

I must admit when Jim and I found out we were pregnant I had never even changed a diaper. I did not know anything about babies. . .at all. Needless to say I was a little nervous about being a mom and that nervous feeling really hit home when I had to go register for my baby shower. I could not believe how many items were in that store! I just figured you needed a crib some sheets, a few bottles, then I could smack a diaper on him and I was done. I was told, by just about everyone, how wrong I was and a friend lent me her little product review book. . . and thus it began. Baby mayhem.

I spent hours reading over those reviews and vacillating over every little decision. I swear that book was both a lifesaver and the death of me all rolled up in its 800 pages. I was so thankful for the help but it seems the best mommy products were not truly revealed to me until AFTER I had Sebastian.

Within the first month Sebastian developed reflux or, in other words, baby projectile pukes. We went to the doctor hoping she had a magical answer to help him. . .not so much. It was not until the end of the second month and endless amount of puked on clothing that we found the greatest invention in my mommy world. . .Dr Brown's Bottles. In all my spare mommy time I had read an article about how they were supposed to prevent reflux and minimize baby puke. I was skeptical but desperate so that day I went out and bought one. In one feeding Dr. Brown was my new hero and is now the only bottle we use. Dr. Brown has saved my washer, my clothes and my new mommy smell from scaring all my friends away.

So I know all you mom's out there have favorite products up your sleeves and I would LOVE to hear about them! Please share and save me from future catastrophes of mommy ignorance!


Anonymous said...

I love(d) my Bumbo, my cloth diapers, my Ergo, my SlingEzee and my Fisher Price Rainforest Booster Chair!

Mandi Forester said...

I don't think we could have survived parenthood without a "Jump-a-roo." I was going to school and felt horribly guilty when I'd have to leave Zachary to play by himself. But I'd stick him in the Jump-a-roo and he could exercise and watch a movie at the same time. He wasn't just laying around.

Jacquie, Emma's Mom said...

Hi...just linked to your blog after visiting your Etsy shop (love your stuff there!) and saw this post and immediately related to it. My baby girl Emma turns 1 tomorrow. Our lifesavers during this past year: definitely Dr. Brown's (the best bottles ever invented); Bumbo chair; exersaucer; Heinz 0-6mo. size pacifiers; Pampers diapers for daytime & Huggies overnights for nighttime; Huggies Naturally Refressing wipes; Vicks warm mist vaporizer for cold season; and lots of receiving blankets!

Anonymous said...

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DailyRX said...

Oh how I can relate! Our daughter has major reflux. We've tried everything, including Dr. Brown's bottles, but unfortunately we haven't come across a magic fix yet. I think we'll just have to rely on the old stand-by; time.