Monday, February 6, 2012

Full Circle

Handmade Leather Cuffs
Time is such a funny thing. There have been whole periods of my life that I can remember wishing time would just move faster. Then there are moments that I wish I could live in forever.. .

Sometimes I catch a glimpse of my once little baby boy and almost gasp, realizing that it has been two whole amazing years of being his mama. . . .

Some days I find myself laughing so hard, with my college sweetheart, when I realize--I married him. Six years ago. . .

And every once in a while I have a day like today.

The full circle days. . . .

Handmade Beaded Art and Glass Necklace
I was working on creating a new line and I got those butterflies, the ones I get when I realize I finally figured out how to actually create what was in my mind. The butterflies I get when it actually works and right before I present those ideas to my biggest critic (and my biggest fan): the hubs.

Those butterflies are what started CaughtREDhanded

And those butterflies are what brought me full circle today. . .

Handmade Peacock Hoop Earring
I started CaughtREDhanded 5 years ago as a dream and I still feel the same way today about creating wearable art as I did in the beginning of it all.


Full Circle.

I remember being a child and wishing I could just go to school (that was a short lived wish;), or a teenager and wishing to just drive, or a college grad and looking forward to moving out on my own. . . but today I find myself just wishing for time to stand still for a moment.

And since I last wrote, a year ago, we have moved back to our hometown Cleveland, Ohio. . .

Full Circle

It's those full circle days that make you thankful for all the days in between.
I know I have been a very absent blogger lately but I hope to fix that. . . I am planning on being around at least once a week (fingers crossed). I have a lot up my sleeve this year so stay tuned!

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Sue Bair said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.