Thursday, April 15, 2010

Buy Local: Spring Plant Sale

I took Sebastian out for a run yesterday morning, around my neighborhood, and it seemed like everyone was out tending to their flowerbeds, plants and lawns. Since my flowerbeds were empty of anything except for overgrown weeds, I thought I should get out there and do the same. I spent the afternoon getting rid of all the weeds and trimming up the shrubbery so that you can now actually see my house!

When I was finished, I realized we needed some flowers to fill in the naked spots I had left with my obsessive weeding. Luckily, I heard about an wonderful opportunity to buy local, support our community, and get an amazing deal on some serious greenery. The agricultural students at the Golden Strip Career Center were selling their garden flowers, shrubs, spices and vegetables to raise money for their class and school program at a hugely discounted price. They were selling almost all of their plants for a dollar--which is almost unheard of!

I went and stocked up on some beautiful flowers and shrubs to line the walkway to the house and purchased some vegetable for the garden I have always wanted to start. I, in no way, have a green thumb but for a dollar I figured I could give it a try.

All over the United States, schools are running programs just like this. It is so important to support your communities so get out there and buy local!

If you live in Greenville, here is the link to the Spring Plant Sale. It is going on this weekend only.


Julia said...

Wonderful! We have been out looking several places for plants and flowers but haven't wanted to spend a lot. We'll check this out!

Caught RED Handed said...

You should go sooner rather than later because they are going to sell out. If you can go first thing tomorrow morning it would be best:)

Jim G said...

It was fun planting last night honey!