Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Skinny on Gluten Free

It seems like the Gluten-Free phenom has taken over the food market fast and furiously. I often have strong reactions to certain foods so my husband and I decided to start a little experiment to see how gluten affected us. We cut out all traces of gluten from our diets for about a week and then, after a week, we returned to eating it. Jim was not really affected except for his energy level however, I got sick and felt miserable afterward. We concluded, with the help of my very sick stomach, that I seem to be sensitive to it.

I started to do a little more research on the gluten-free super movement and found an incredible website with amazing gluten-free recipes that Karina makes herself. I wanted to share the website with you all because I just thought it was so fantastic and creative! Most of her recipes do require some cooking, and I mean serious cooking so if you are not a fan of your kitchen you might not be as thrilled with Karina. I personally love to cook so I am a fan all around. Here is the link--check it out and let me know what you think!

Oh. . . .and it also has a ton of Vegan recipes too. . . love it all!


karenwahlgren said...

Gluten free really isn't that bad. There are so many substitutes out there and recipes. Just be creative and get to know how to use the other flours and the xantham gum. David and I eat gluten free (well I do) for the most part. My mom is definitely gluten free. So we have fun sharing ideas:)

Caught RED Handed said...

We have not gone totally gluten free (like checking your meats and things) but we have basically cut most of it out. No breads or pastas etc. We just feel so much better and have so much more energy. Anyway--you should check out the link I posted--awesome recipes!

David and Amanda said...

Another great gluten free website is My friend Margo has Celiacs and shares a lot of her recipes and tests a lot of gluten free products. You should check it out. BTW, I Love your jewlery. It looks great!