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Artist Series: Ziggy+Bean

Artist Series: Ziggy+Bean!

Ziggy+Bean is one of the original sellers on and our first Featured Artist! I had the opportunity to get to know her a little better through her interview and am excited to share such a talented artist with you all! You can visit her shop at:

1. Tell me about yourself!

My name is Amy Jazwinski, and I am a 28 year old happily married mother of one beautiful little girl. I work full time in corporate america, but am building my business so that some day soon I can stay home with my baby girl (and future children). I graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in marketing. Marketing, and specifically branding, are two things I take very seriously with my business, and I think you'll see that reflected in my product line. I have an innate desire to create. I never knew I had this desire until I graduated college and went in search of a hobby that would fill the time that was now freed of studying and homework. I first started dabbling a bit in ceramics, and realized that wasn't my calling. Then my Mother-in-law got me a bead kit one year for my birthday, and boy did I take off! I started designing my own jewelry and went crazy buying supplies and trying new things. I also tried my hand at paper crafting, and I still love to make pretty things with pretty papers. I feel like my real calling though has come since my daughter was born. In search of cute hair clips to accessorize every outfit with, I started making my own hair clips. Well, I couldn't get enough (and still can't!) and I created my current line of products- Ziggy+Bean.

2. Tell me about your craft and anything that is new and in the "works"!

Ziggy+Bean is a line of "seriously cute handmade accessories." Mostly it's hair clips, but I have so many ideas in my head for new products that I feel that I'll never have enough time to get to them all. Coming soon in my shop over the weekend will be my new felt flower hair clips. I also have a fantastic idea for a hair clip holder that I can't wait to get started on. I love making accessories for children because it's just so much fun! When I was little I absolutely adored playing dress up, and dressing up my dolls and Barbies. Now I have a real live baby doll, and I'm having just as much fun dressing her up!

3. What is your favorite part of owning your own business?

Owning my own business has always been a dream of mine. I've been searching for so many years for the right business for me, and am SO glad that I've finally found what feels right. I love that one day, because of my business, I will be able to be a part of my children's lives on a daily basis, and not ship them off to day care on a daily basis. Each day I leave my daughter at the babysitter, I'm more motivated to turn this dream into a reality. I also want my children to be able to look to me as an inspiration that proves that you can acheive your dreams. I don't have huge lofty goals of millions of dollars, or building a company that's traded on the stock market- just something that will allow me to be the person I've always wanted to be, and to be the mother that I know I can be.

4. What is your least favorite part of being a business owner?

My least favorite part is approaching retailers to carry my goods! I love my creations, I have faith in my product, and am generally a good sales person. However, whenever I approach a new boutique I get really nervous because a rejection of my craft feels like a rejection of me. It shouldn't be that way, but anyone who puts their heart and passion into their craft will understand this.

5. What is the story behind your brand?

When my daughter was first born, her favorite position to be in was curled up on our chest in the fetal position- just like a little bean pod! My husband and I started calling her "Bean" and the name stuck. Her favorite stuffed animal is a zebra that my hubby named "Ziggy". When I was branding my new product line I knew I wanted the name to relate to my daughter, but still be catchy and cute. Hence, Ziggy+Bean was born, and it still brings a smile to my face when I think of it.

6. What is one thing you want your customers to know about you/your business?

I take a lot of pride in what I do. I use only the finest materials (real wool felt, genuine swarovski crystals, etc) and I put a lot of care into each and every item I make. Customer service is incredibly important to me as well- I want every customer to be excited about their purchase even though it's just a hair clip! And of course I want everyone to remember the name Ziggy+Bean because some day we'll be a national company, and you can say - "I remember when..." :-)

7. Tell me one time you have been "caught RED handed" in your lifetime:)

When I was about 8 years old I went shopping with my Mom and BEGGED to have a package Lip Smackers lip glosses that I saw in Kmart. She said told me I couldn't have it (as I had about a million of these things already). So I was all pouty and bummed out about it until I went into the jewelry section and say that someone had opened a pack of three- stole two of them, and left the grape Lip Smackers behind (apparently they were too good for the grape one). I was so excited and convinced myself with my 8 year old wisdom and logic, that taking the Lip Smackers wasn't really stealing since someone had already opened the package and they couldn't sell it like that anyway. So I stuck my new little treasure in my pocket and waited until I got in the car to take a peak at my new treasure. Well apparently, I wasn't as wise and slick as I thought, and my Mom caught me. She recognized the dang lip balm and turned a funny shade of mad!!! She marched me right back into the store and made me give the lip gloss to the check out lady and apologize for what I had done. I was eternally mortified and quickly learned my lesson that just because something was alreadu open didn't make it fair game for stealing. To this day, I get a chuckle every time I see a Grape Lip Smackers.
Secret Sale!

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**Make sure NOT to make your payment. Amy will send you an updated invoice with the discount included.

As Always--Happy Shopping!

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