Saturday, August 16, 2008

Welcome to Lollishops!

Welcome to Lollishops!
I am so excited to tell you all that I have been accepted to a new and up-and-coming online shopping venue that allows me to be the girly-girl that I am!
When I first started on etsy, I had a very romantic vintage style that has morphed by the desires and clientele here on etsy into modern-chic. I really have developed a taste for modern and have enjoyed creating our new summer line that is completely modern! But I noticed that I seemed to have 2 styles in my shop and have been looking for a place to sell and cater to a more girl crowd and I think I have found exactly what I am looking for!
Sadie Lou is developing a fantastic site that is juried (meaning you have to apply and be accepted to participate) and it centers around 3 essential styles:
  • Elegant Whimsy--Definition: Of high grade or quality- the sumptuous elegance of whimsical imaginations. Playful, light hearted, amusing or childlike in it's beauty. Artists who claim speciality in this category will appeal to those who like a bright and cheerful color palate; a love for candy-coated sweetness.

  • Romantic Inspirations--Definition: Marked by expressions of love or affection; timeless. A particular influence of ephemera; of days gone by--a wistful approach to design that inspires a sense of "beauty with age". Artists who claim speciality in this category will appeal to your emotions through their use of antiques, vintage elements and a Victorian color palate.

  • Fanciful Creations--Definition: A tendency to indulge the senses in fancy; frivolity. The very example of froufrou and fuss! Delicate, velvety, rich or indulgent in it's design. Artists who claim speciality in this category will appeal to those who enjoy the luster of imagination and the feeling of being lost in another time or place; an emphasis on a soft, feminine color palate.
I applied for the Elegant Whimsy category because of my LOVE for color and am so excited to tell you I have been accepted! Stay tuned and I will keep you updated on developments and launch dates. In case you would like to follow the development yourself--here are the links!

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