Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Customer Appreciation . .

Say hi to Azure! I recently got an email from one of my beloved Canadian customers about her birdie going missing. She was so sad when she emailed me and ordered Mr. Blue Bird as a memorial to her favorite bird that was now just a warm memory. I was so moved by her story I sent her a little gift with her purchase hoping to cheer her up.
About a week later I got another email thanking me and letting me know that Azure was found scared but safe by a kind stranger in the next CITY! Yeah for Azure!
The whole experience got me thinking of the foundational goals here at CRH. I love creating jewelry, designing, and bringing people joy by creating, original, affordable, and unique items. But one of the greatest pleasures of being an artist is the relationships that I have been privileged to cultivate and watch mature into friendships. I have met some truly amazing people and have really enjoyed getting to know you all. I truly am blessed by my customers that have turned into acquaintances, compadres and friends. I love hearing stories and sharing experiences with you all--it motivates my work and keeps it all in perspective. This idea is the motivation behind my "Gold" club. So--thank you to all my CRH customers, pets, and loved ones--I hope you know that you are appreciated!
Update. . .
I have some new Autumn color scheme pendants debuting this week and you know I will have to be including a giveaway as well as a secret sale! Stay tuned. . .

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sf said...

I would love to talk to you about Angela Cartwright's and my art zine Pasticcio - we are going to be doing a Spring 2009 issue with a theme of flowers/fabrics and would love to maybe do some sort of focus on you and your etsy shop. Your items would fit the theme perfectly! What do you think?
Check out my website to see what Pasticcio is all about!