Sunday, June 22, 2008

CRH Update: Back from Vacation

The Return from Paradise:

We packed up our suit cases and said our "goodbyes" to each other and to our little piece of paradise that was ours for an entire week. On the way to the car I heard the grumbles of "back to work tomorrow" and all I could do is smile. I will miss my family but the inward smile came from the thought of getting "back to work." What a God given blessing to be able to be an artist for a living. No more Monday Blues, demanding bosses, or community bathrooms:) Just me and my imagination--what more could I ask for. I am truly blessed by the success of my business and the gracious support of my husband--my biggest critic and my number one fan. So, though we left our tropical paradise, I have returned to my personal paradise where the sunsets might not be as colorful but the pleasure is just as incredible.

Shop Update

We have completed all the orders that were placed last week and will be shipping them off tomorrow. We have a few surprises up our sleeves this week so stay tuned. There will be some fantastic sales, giveaways, a few tips, and great etsy finds.

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