Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sneak Preview: Summer Line

Keeping it Fresh: Modern Collection

Our summer line has been in the works since Christmas of last year. We have been searching vendors for the perfect materials, bargaining for the perfect price, designing the perfect artwork, and perfecting the design process. It has been a wonderfully LONG endeavor of the creative process but an enjoyable one. This is probably my favorite part of being a jewelry designer--the designing:)
The pendant displayed to the left is set on a silver-tone backing. It is JUST under an inch (.95 without bail) in height and .80 inches in width.
The best part is the artwork. Each one of our pieces are original to CRH and will be found NO WHERE else! Cori Dantini has designed each image for us alone. The design to the left is from our Modern collection. Each collection has four new pendants and a coordination belt buckle.

A Little Oldies: Vintage Fruit Collection

The next pendant is part of our Vintage Fruit Collection. There are four separate fruits in this collection and each comes in a variety of colors.
Again, this pendant is designed on a silver-tone backing with the same height and dimensions as listed above. Each of these pendants are light weight yet incredibly sturdy.

Within this collection is an apple belt buckle, a strawberry, a pear, and some cherries. Each design is unique to us and only found here at CRH. The image is protected by an industrial sealant that makes them almost indestructible and waterproof. They will also be available in a much larger size for those of you who love statement jewelry:)

Dabbling: Reflection Collection

This collection will be added to our Elite line of pendants. Each pendant will be designed with elegant and fine papers and a limited edition pendant. The reflections line is at the top of our price scale.

The Reflections Collection was probably my favorite to design. I love the material and the 3-D image portrayed when the pendant is finished. The base of the pendant is sterling silver and sealed again in an industrial strength sealant to protect against the elements.
The picture hardly does this pendant justice. A glass-like bubble is formed over the image to give it an incredibly elegant finish. The image is magnified by the sealant and almost glows in the sunlight. If I could design the perfect material for a pendant--this would be it. The finalize design is just breathtaking.
Activating the Launch Sequence:
We plan on having the completed Summer Line ready for purchase Friday, June 27th. The pendants above will be available to purchase in our shop TODAY as a preview.
We will be giving away one of our new pendants TODAY. To qualify leave a comment in this post about our new line and leave a way for us to contact you. As always--Happy shopping!

6 comments: said...

The new pendants look great! Bravo! I love the original art!

Jenna said...

Your new pendants look great, your hard work has really paid off!

Wendy said...

I absolutely LOVE your stuff and have been awaiting your new creations! Thanks for not disappointing!

Caught RED Handed said...

Thanks everyone! Don't forget to include a way for me to contact the winner!

Wendy said...

Oops on the lack of contact info before!
Again, Caughtredhanded rocks, have excellent customer service and the best quality pendants around!
- I'm Wendy @

Earotica said...

Wow, I'm so impressed with the combo of your pendant styles with Cori Dantini's art work.