Monday, June 9, 2008


Phewww! This blog entry has been a looooooonnngggg time coming! This year has been a long and crazy beginning to a hopefully successful career. I took a leap of faith and QUIT my "real" job so that I could focus on my art. WOW does that feel good to say! With all this "spare" time on my plate CRH has some changes on the horizon. We have just completed our logo and banner designs compliments of an amazing up-and-coming designer Trisha Mukai. We are also working on a revolutionary SUMMER LINE! Cori Dantini has designed an unbelievable line we are hoping to debut in the next few weeks. Along with our new logo, banner, and designs a new line of pendants are on the way. We are working with a new medium that promises to be stunning! So--stay tuned and come visit often. I hope to reveal secrets, tips, discounts, and just a little bit of humor spread in between. Until then--happy shopping!

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