Thursday, June 26, 2008

Waist Candy Sneak Preview: Summer Line

Waist Candy Sneak Preview: Surprise!

Tomorrow launches our new Sumner Line and as always my blog readers get a sneak preview before we put them up for sale:) We will only be posting our new belt buckles as of tomorrow. We are still waiting on the final supplies for the rest of the pendant line.

Each new addition to our Waist Candy line is an original CRH design and will not be found anywhere else! Cori Dantini has created each individual design to match each of our 5 pendant collections. The first buckle pictured comes from our Floral Collection.

The next Waist Candy is a whimsical dandelion on a baby blue background.

Below is one of my favorite designs from our Vintage Fruit collection. This rich red apple is designed against a baby blue background giving a wonderful color contrast. We have already listed the matching pendant to this buckle in our shop.

This little birdie is part of our Modern collection. She stands in pastel green grass holding a dainty flower in her beak. The pale blue sky sets the background and is just perfect! We have also already listed the Modern Water Lily pendant from this collection.

The next addition to our Waist Candy line comes from our Bhindi collection. This collection is vibrant in color and has a Southwestern flare. The Bhindi buckle in ornate and intricate with colorful accents contrasting each detailed segment. Her colors and design are almost intoxicating to look at!

Our final buckle is my absolute favorite and comes from my favorite new collection: The Animal Collection. Cori has created some brilliant animals for our new line beginning their debut with our Waist Candy. These pair of love birds almost have a gypsy feel to me. The birds are designed in a deep red against a pale blue skyline. The clouds in the background are actually made into flowers. The detail on this design is incredible!

Now for the best part! For all my blog readers--tomorrow we will launch these new buckles. Purchase a new buckle tomorrow and we will include a leather belt FOR FREE! Just leave a note to the seller saying BLOG READER and tell me the size of the belt you would like.
As always--Happy Shopping!

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Michele P. said...

very pretty belt buckles, thanks for the preview!