Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wholesale--Blessing or Beast?!

Wholesale requests are SO exciting to receive and even more exciting to finalize! Well, that is until. . . COMPLETING the wholesale order. Sometimes I wonder about how much functionality really is going on up there in that brain of mine!!!!

Right now we are running SPECIAL PRICING for WHOLESALE orders through the end of this week and WOW--people are taking advantage of it. I thought this was a genius idea--a way to get a little extra spending money for vacation this coming week (beach here we come!) but I failed to realize that I need to MAKE all these orders before I CAN go on vacation. Ugghh.

So my question: Wholesale--blessing or beast? I just can't pass up the thought of my work being displayed all over the world in little shops and boutiques. Sigh. I rest on blessing. . .

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