Monday, June 23, 2008

***GIVEAWAY--Blog Readers ONLY***

Ever Been Caught RED Handed?

I have had the greatest time reading some of your caught RED handed stories in response to our poem and decided to create a contest out of it. I am going to give away one of our Silver Spoon LARGE pendants to the blog reader who has the BEST story being caught RED handed. The best part is the pendnat is brand new and a limited edition. Only a handful will ever be made!

In the comment section, write your story. Make sure to include a way for me to contact you if you are the winner. The contest will end Saturday night at 12 am est.

Just in case you have not read the poem that explains my life and our brand--here it is again. Good luck everyone!

Caught with my hand in a cookie jar
Caught with my skirt up a little too far
Caught in the rain, in the dark, all alone
Caught past midnight up on the phone

Caught in a kiss with my lover alone
Caught by my mother sneaking out before dawn
Caught at a light when all I needed was green
Caught by the wind my dress showing everything

Caught with notes on my hand during a test
Caught eating chocolate when I was depressed
Caught bluffing in poker my chips all taken
Caught at in the lunch room line breaking

We have all done it, all turned red and embarrassed
We have all hidden our faces in shame
Everyone of us has experienced it; everyone understands
Being caught RED handed-an experience not just a brand


Michele P. said...

Well, I am a new blog reader and subscribed earlier today...

I was in 9th grade, and not doing very well in Science class. I'd always been a Straight A student, so when I got a D- first term I realized I needed to either study or wear lower cut shirts for our teacher, who was affectionately nicknamed peek-a-boo because if he got a glimpse of your cleavage you got a good grade, no matter how dumb you were. After many fallen pencils, I pretty much assured myself a good grade. That is, until I was partnered with Tim-who wasn't the brightest student but was nice enough. We had to do an experiment, and after the soap making one in 1st quarter, the growing veggie/plant seeds seemed like a no-brainer. Only thing is, Tim substituted his seeds for the ones we were supposed to plant. Every day our teacher lovingly watered and cared for all those plants,oblivious to what he was really cultivating. Several weeks passed, and parent-teacher night was coming up. Report cards were to be passed out, and I was anxiously awaiting my good grade. Tim and his dad were a few parents ahead of us, so I was surprised to get called in almost immediately while they were still in the room. Seems our teacher showed Tim's dad (the local police DETECTIVE) our experiment... Tim did take blame for planting the wrong stuff-but my grade was re-adjusted accordingly and we got a stern lecture from Tim's dad... First and LAST time I ever got an F.

Heather said...

new to your site -- LOVE the poem :)

Here's my tale, short and sweet!
I've never gotten away with much, a little klutzy and am an only child of an extremely perceptive mama! Well gum was a rarity in our house so when Mama told me I could have a piece (one piece) while I watched Wheel of Fortune (give or take 25 years ago)I jumped at the chance. Thinking I was a super sneak I took the whole purse into the living room while my mom was in the kitchen (a wall separating us... and NO mirror mind you)to get the gum. I wrangled out the gum pack and surveyed the room... no one was watching -- Eureka! Two pieces were my destiny! As I pulled the second piece of trident from the pack my mom yells from the kitchen "I said ONE piece Heather, NOT two!"

I swear to this day the woman has eyes in the back of her head, not to mention every room of the house! And I never, never again tried to get away with anything -- it was just too SPOOKY!

Now I have a two-year-old daughter of my own and I can't wait till I grow the eyes in the back of my head! I check back there every week :)

Heather said...

Ooops, thought I left my contact info but I don't see it --

Thanks for encouraging us to share our stories! FUN MEMORIES!!

Caught RED Handed said...

Michele was the recent winner of our CRH story giveaway! Here is what she had to say about her pendant: